What can we do for you?


Your pension can be one of your most important assets. Whether it’s starting from scratch or reviewing an existing contract, we can advise you.


Having the most suitable portfolio is the key to a stress-free life. We are financial advisers and can construct a portfolio to meet your risk requirements.


Whether you have a lump sum or wish to save on a regular basis, talk to us and we can advise on options available.


The benefit of protection – whether it is Life Insurance, Serious Illness, Mortgage Protection or Income Protection – is that you are protecting yourself from the unknown.

Top 5 Deposit Rates

1 Year Fixed – 0.50% Gross  (minimum 10k)

35 Day Notice Account – 0.30% Variable (for balances 3K up to and including 100K)

Smart Access Account – 0.15% Variable (for balances 3K up to and including 100K)

Interest First (18 Month Account) – 0.75% Gross (minimum 10K) 0.50% AER

Interest First (24 Month Account) 1.01% Gross (minimum 10K) 0.50% AER

About Melvin Financial Services

Melvin Financial Services was established in 1986 as a financial broker. It has grown to give a more specialised service to new and existing clients in helping them manage and understand their finances. We offer financial advice through our experienced advisers and our back-office staff based at Pearse Street, Ballina, County Mayo.